Tons of Final Fantasy Games Are on Sale in the PlayStation Store

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The Black Friday sale has been both a blessing and curse to anyone out there who likes buying, well, stuff. Gamers have had a lot of great deals to contend with, not only having plenty of deals in various retail stores but online ones as well. Whether it's the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Steam, there are just too many deals to admire.

If you're a Final Fantasy fan and you have a PS4, Square Enix and Sony have slashed the prices of some truly excellent games. Frankly, fans better hope payday is coming soon since they only have until November 28 to purchase some of these titles.

Here are the following Final Fantasy games on sale in the North American PlayStation Store:


Seriously, if you're a fan or have even been remotely curious about the long-running franchise, you owe it to yourself to check out one of these games. Final Fantasy X is a great one for those unfamiliar with the series since it's more linear than most of the games in the series and has a fairly easy plot to understand. Final Fantasy VII is considered a classic but there's a remake coming out, so just wait for that. If you want a taste of PSOne greatness, Final Fantasy IX is the way to go, with smoother visuals and a lighter story than most. Xenoblade fans can check out Final Fantasy XII since they have similar battle systems, though it alienated may diehard fans when it was first released on PS2.

Final Fantasy XV might have gotten mixed reviews but having all of the DLC and updates in one neat package makes the current deal a score. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a unique fighting game that got mixed scores but keeps getting updated and has a strong online fanbase, so this might also be a keeper. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one of the weirder titles in the bunch but is solid enough and has an action-packed battle system.

Avoid Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition at all costs.

These Final Fantasy games are on sale until November 28.

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