Tomorrow Directors Reveal Struggles They Faced While Making Adaptation of Webtoon Series

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Tomorrow will become the latest drama adaptation of a hit webtoon series.

Llama’s Tomorrow is a manhwa that tells the story of a 27-year-old jobless man, Choi Jun Ung, who eventually gets work in the underworld unexpectedly. Although the story is seemingly not-that-complicated to receive an adaptation, the upcoming TV series’ director reportedly faced hardships while completing the story.

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Tomorrow Directors Speak About Adapting Webtoon Into Drama

Ahead of its April 1 premiere, Tomorrow directors Kim Tae Yoon and Sung Chi Wook appeared in an interview to share more details about the drama.

Director Sung Chi Wook is no longer stranger to directing series as he previously worked for Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo, Kairos, and Mouse. Meanwhile, director Kim Tae Yoon already helmed Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP, but Tomorrow will be his first-ever series.

Speaking about the struggles they went through, Kim Tae Yoon said that all adaptations experience dilemmas while making the series or film. When it comes with webtoon, they faced a tougher process since it is an entirely different format.

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“This might be a dilemma that pertains to every adaptation, but I felt that our key task was ‘How can we do a good job bringing the characters from the original work to life? Webtoons have an entirely different narrative format, so how do we adapt this into a drama?’ We tried to create a drama that could be enjoyed both by fans of the original webtoon and by people who haven’t read it,” he said.

Despite that, he reportedly found Tomorrow appealing since the story about grim reapers who want to save those who want to die was new and refreshing.

Meanwhile, Sung Chi Wook applauded the Crisis Management Team members and the characters’ chemistry.

Tomorrow Faces Concerns About Its Story

For people who find death as a sensitive topic, Tomorrow can be the series they do not want to see. In order to pique everyone’s attention despite that, Kim Tae Yoon revealed that they became cautious in creating the story.

Still, they saw it as a challenge so they pushed the drama amid the risk.

“However, due to the subject matter of our drama, I believe that we have no choice but to face it head-on. Because we decided that the fun of ‘Tomorrow’ is watching the Crisis Management Team empathize with and heal those wounds,” he went on.

Tomorrow will premiere on April 1.

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