13 Feb 2018 11:56 AM +00:00 UTC

Tommy Wiseau Campaigns For Joker Role With New Fan Art

Tommy Wiseau is very, very interested in putting on Joker's smile in the upcoming Joker movie. Not only has the cult film director and actor made an offhand Twitter comment about wanting to play the Joker , but he's also shared a fan art of himself as the classic Batman villain.

Seeing how The Room fans supported his hopes of becoming Warner Brother's new Joker for the upcoming Joker movie, Wiseau went on Twitter to share fan art of himself as DC's Clown Prince of Crime. In the caption The Room director and actor went on to boldly proclaim his desire to become the DCEU's next Joker, saying "Yes! I want to be THE JOKER!"

Check out the tweet down here:

Though it isn't very likely that Warner Brothers might think of casting Wiseau as their Joker, it's interesting to see how much support Wiseau is getting from fans. Not only have The Room fans given Wiseau Joker fan art, they've also made a fan trailer where the filmmaker plays the Crown Prince of Crime.


Sure, their support might be feeding Wiseau's hopes, but The Room director's always been an enthusiastic fellow and it would be kind of interesting to see him try to play the role.

The Joker film doesn't have a release date just yet but we'll let everyone know as soon as we get word.

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