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Tom Holland Shirtless Boxing Workout Photo Revealed

There is little doubt that playing a Marvel Cinematic Universe hero isn't easy and the actors always work hard to look their best onscreen. This is especially true with Tom Holland who recently played Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Amazingly, a new shirtless photo shows just how much hard work he had put into his body after a boxing workout!

Tom Holland already looks great but that doesn't mean he doesn't take extra care of his appearance. Although the Uncharted star hasn't shared any of his own workout photos, his friend and fellow actor Oliver Trevena has posted a post-workout photo where he also admonishes Holland to put his shirt back on.

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Trevena might want Tom Holland to keep his shirt on but several fans will be quick to object. Since Holland himself doesn't share any of these thirst trap photos, people are undoubtedly grateful that Trevena did them a huge favor.

Tom Holland is currently being considered for a job that would require him to keep his shirt on. The Cherry star is reportedly in the running to be the host of the 94th Academy Awards and his good friend Andrew Garfield is backing him up.

"I think Tom is so charismatic and such an incredible performer and actor, and I think he'd be an incredible Oscars host. I think he would be absolutely brilliant. And I would certainly be curious to see how he was as an Oscars host," Garfield previously said.

For now, it has not yet been confirmed whether Tom Holland will host the Oscars. However, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if he is announced to be the host of the event.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still screening in theaters worldwide. The 94th Academy Awards has not yet revealed who will host the ceremony. The Oscars 2022 will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 27, 2022.

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