Tom Holland Reveals He Would Like to Face Morbius in Future Film

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man has faced many villains throughout his run in the MCU so far including the Vulture, Mysterio, and Thanos. But in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he is going to face at least five villains who are from the other universes. Since we know that Holland's Spider-Man will be appearing in more films after, that would mean he will be facing more villains. So who could it be? Well, Holland has a very interesting suggestion.

During an interview with Fandango, Holland was asked which villain he would like to face next. He responded, "Do you know what, I actually think the Morbius film looks really cool. And it's quite scary, that film. I think Morbius could be quite a cool thing. Spider-Man versus Vampire?"

Of course, after No Way Home, a Morbius film is coming in January which will introduce Jared Leto as the titular vampire villain. Given that the MCU and Sony's Spider-Man Universe are starting to co-exist as shown in the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, there is a possibility for Holland's Spider-Man and Leto's Morbius to face off in the future.


So far, we don't know yet what will be the future of Spider-Man after No Way Home until we get to see the film next week. However, producer Amy Pascal has stated that they have plans to do another trilogy and suggested that the character will remain in the MCU. Nothing is still official for now and we will find out soon enough if our friendly neighbor does remain in the MCU or will transport to Sony's Spider-Verse and stay there for a while.

Fortunately, we won't need to wait any longer as it is now around seven days away before No Way Home hits cinemas. We're going to find out very soon if all the rumors, speculations, and theories that we've been discussing will actually happen. Perhaps Leto's Morbius might even pop up. Let's just wait and see.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to be released in theaters this coming December 17.