Tom Holland Reacts to Being Named Robert Downey Jr.'s MCU Replacement

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Credit: Sony Pictures

Robert Downey Jr.'s farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still a tough pill to swallow for many fans of the billion-dollar franchise, myself included but there's also no doubt in everyone's mind that the MCU is also in the process of finding the next guy who will lead the franchise into the next decade. It's long been debated by Marvel fans which hero should replace Tony Stark not only as the de facto leader of the Avengers but also as the face of the franchise with names like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel all being part of the conversation.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Just recently, Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo made a bold declaration and called Spider-Man actor Tom Holland the new soul of the MCU, saying that the British actor has stepped into the role RDJ once occupied in the universe.

Rousing endorsement aside, the star of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: No Way Home begs to disagree and according to him, there's no pressure on his part to be that guy to replace RDJ as the face of the franchise. In a recent interview with Josh Wilding on his YouTube channel, Holland said: "I mean, I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm the face of the universe. I know that fans are really supportive and have responded massively to this franchise. I'm honored that Joe thinks that. But, the beautiful thing about the MCU is, whoever is the leader, if there ever is a leader again, you're never alone."

Tom also added that while he feels no pressure filling the void RDJ left, he still seeks the actor for advice. He continued: "You have so many people that you can rely on and lean on, and people that I've now worked with for years and years. So, I don't necessarily feel those pressures, but should I feel those pressures, then yes, I'll call Downey and ask, yeah. I called him the other day for a piece of advice, and he was very kind."

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There's been a long-running joke within the MCU fandom that Spider-Man is basically Iron Man Jr. and that is something that has been part of Peter Parker's story the last two years. Well, to be fair, Holland definitely has what it takes to lead the franchise into greater heights, especially with rumors circulating online that he'll reprise his Spider-Man role in a new trilogy but that remains to be seen.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits cinemas on December 17, 2021.

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