15 Nov 2021 4:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Tom Hanks Claims Marvel Doesn’t Want Him in the MCU

Credit: Netflix

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been known for its diverse roster of actors which consists of both A-list superstars and lesser-known celebrities. One actor who has yet to receive his big MCU break is screen legend Tom Hanks and considering his body of work throughout the years, it comes as a huge shock to a lot of people why he's yet to get cast in the billion-dollar franchise.

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Credit: Pixar

Well, the star of the Toy Story franchise has a definitive answer to that and according to him, Marvel Studios simply hasn't reached out to him about potentially joining the MCU. During a conversation with fellow actor Will Arnett on the SmartLess Podcast, the Hollywood legend claims that the studio never gave him "that" call.

Admittedly, Hanks has long been expecting Marvel to enlist him in one of their movies in a supporting role but the opportunity hasn't come knocking on his door yet.

He says: "Here's the problem... First of all, they've never called me once. Nope, never. And I think that if one of these days they will, they'd say, 'Is there any way you'd consider playing a secretary of defense?' (laughs) Ya know, a guy who comes and says, 'Please, help us Ultraman, we can't survive!' I'd be one of those guys. I don't get to play the punk...'"

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To be fair, there are plenty of A-list stars in Hollywood that have bafflingly been snubbed by Marvel Studios over the years but I guess it only goes to show that not everyone can be a good fit for the billion-dollar franchise regardless of their status and list of accolades. Now, as for Hanks' chances of joining the MCU, I'm pretty sure there's room for him in the franchise and under the right circumstances, Kevin Feige will give him a call.

Meanwhile, the entire Toy Story quadrulogy is available for streaming on Disney+.