05 Jul 2017 11:07 AM +00:00 UTC

Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Gets First Positive Review

The world of live-action anime adaptations is expanding its standards to create even better movies to erase our past horrific experiences with adaptations.

Hot on the heels of Fullmetal Alchemist's positive feedback, Tokyo Ghoul's live-action film may be gearing fans for an equally positive viewing experience. At the Anime Expo 2017, fans were able to preview Tokyo Ghoul, and the reception from that audience had been overwhelmingly positive.

One fan Redditor cristinelv has posted a quick update on what was shown at the event—and from the looks of it, Tokyo Ghoul is one of the better anime adaptations around town:

"I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts about the movie. HANDS DOWN THE BEST ANIME LIVE ACTION I HAVE EVER SEEN. I was blown away. It definitely stayed true to the manga. The steady pace of storyline was easy to follow for those who have never read the manga or seen the anime. All of the main cast did an amazing job bringing the characters to life."

The Redditor added that the main character, portrayed by Masataka Kubota was perfect as Ken Kaneki. What's more, the kagunes used by the Ghouls were reportedly well-executed. We've already seen glimpses of these in the trailers, and that alone made me think that Tokyo Ghoul's live-action adaptation is worth checking out.

The poster is also supposedly excited for the sequels. Whether or not that's a hint that was showcased at the Anime Expo 2017, we'll have to wait for the official announcement. But it does have me definitively hyped for the movie.

Tokyo Ghoul will air in U.S. theaters, though this will most likely be held after the July 29 airing in Japan theaters.

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