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Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4 RELEASE DATE and TIME, Countdown, Where to Watch

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Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4 might well be what will make or break the rest of the show. The third episode was a punch. Starting off as a pleasant festival interlude, it soon disintegrated into something sinister, that will remind of the nightmarish Wonder Egg Priority world.

Episode 1 suggested that this could be a superhero anime, with the three leads consistently saving the date. But the third episode established that saving the world comes at a price. Are the characters willing to keep paying it, and what sinister forces are they even dealing with?

If you can't wait to find out, keep reading. Below, you will find everything you need to know about Episode 4 of Tokyo 24th Ward or Tokyo 24-ku, including its release date and airing time!

Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Episode 3 Recap

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Credit: CloverWorks

Tokyo 24th Ward or Tokyo 24-ku is an original sci-fi anime by Studio CloverWorks. The story unfolds on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, where childhood friends Ran, Koki and Shuuta have all but fallen apart. A year ago, a devastating fire killed Koki's sister, Asumi. Shuuta, who tried to save her and failed, gives up his dream to become a hero and instead works in his parents' bakery. Ran engages in illegal activities such as graffiti art, while Koki is a serious student.

A year later, the three boys reunite for the memorial of the fire victims. Later, at their friend Mari's restaurant, they all simultaneously receive a phone call that seems to be from Asumi. Not only do they hear their voice, but they also get a vision of Mari trapped in the tracks, while a train is approaching fast. To their shock, this becomes a reality on that same day, when Mairi chases her running dog and ends up on the tracks.

There appears to be no way to save both Mari and the passengers, but the three protagonists, who momentarily gain mysterious powers, work together once more and manage to rescue their friend.

Episode 3 was a Madoka Magika-like awakening for the three leads, collectively known as RGB. What starts off as a fun festival day, turns into something much more sinister. At first, Koki, Shuta, Ran, and their friends had a fun day trying to promote Mari's food stall. Resistance to gentrification comes across as one of the show's major themes, as a businessman who doesn't look all that nice wants to purchase the market district, which other citizens disagree with.

When a rival stall is blasted for corruption, things look up for Mari's specials. In a major mood whiplash, however, Koki, Shuta, and Ran receive another fateful phone call from "Asumi." This time, she informs them that a tornado will ruin the festival and put everyone's lives at risk. The boys have two choices; save only those who can run through the main road, or protect the weak in the few available containers, letting the rest perish.

The RGB believes that they can save the day, just as they did with Mari. Shuta clears the car road, but a disagreement between Koki and Ran wastes time. Kaba, their beloved former teacher who has been an endless source of support, urges them to work together. But when Kaba's daughter, Kozue, who had become reclusive after Asumi's death, is found trapped in the festival area, Kaba runs to her aid. Shuta is able to rescue Kozue, but Kaba dies.

The boys have indeed managed to save more lives than they would have had without "Asumi's" heads up. This victory, however, feels hollow, as there are still dead and injured, and the boys' father figure is gone. The boys conclude that this happened because they failed to make a choice, a theory that might be true, as the episode ends with a monstrous creature taking over the television networks, declaring he is now in charge of the future.

Episode 3 did a number of great things; it set high stakes and reminded us that no one is safe, adding a bit of interesting weirdness in the mix. Knowing what happened the last time CloverWorks handled three anime at once, I'm practically begging Tokyo 24th Ward to live up to it all.

Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Episode 4 Release Date

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Credit: CloverWorks

The scheduled release date for Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4 is Thursday, the 27th of January 2022. Due to time zone differences, those in Europe, Canada, and the US will be able to access the episode from January 26. Those not subscribed to Crunchyroll or Funimation will have to wait an extra week.

Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Episode 4 Release Time

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Credit: CloverWorks

We expect Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4 to be released on Thursday, the 27th of January at 00:30 am in Japan. If this timeline remains correct, here's when this translates to release times on both Funimation and Crunchyroll :

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (January 26)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (January 26)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (January 26)
  • British Time: 3:00 PM (January 26)

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Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Episode 4 COUNTDOWN

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 Countdown

Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Episode 4 Where to Watch

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Credit: CloverWorks

As has lately been the case with most CloverWorks anime, Tokyo 24th Ward is available to stream online with English subtitles on Funimation. This time around, however, is also licensed by Crunchyroll, so you should be able to watch it easily. Subscribed users will be able to watch Episode 4 as it comes out. It will then become available to watch for free with ads a week later.

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