Todd McFarlane's Spawn Reboot Adds The Walking Dead and Spawn '97's Greg Nicotero

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Todd McFarlane's upcoming Spawn reboot is going to be one of the more interesting passion projects coming out, especially with acclaimed actor Jamie Foxx confirmed for the lead role. With no trailers or official images, we don't really have an idea on how this movie is going to look. Well, we didn't until McFarlane confirmed who would be doing the film's special effects; The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero.

Revealed by, McFarlane and Nicotero have actually worked together before. Aside from helping with The Walking Dead with his KNB EFX group, Nicotero also helped with the original Spawn movie that came out in 1997. Sure, the movie was pretty bad but it did have some very impressive costumes and makeup, giving us an incredible-looking Spawn in a poor movie.

McFarlane revealed that the movie wouldn't be a big budget film and wanted to rely on practical effects, hence Nicotero's involvement. The Walking Dead has pretty impressive makeup for its zombies and we've already mentioned how good some of the makeup was in the 1997 Spawn movie.

"When I conceived of the story to start with, I never really thought of it as big special effects extravaganza because I knew we weren't going to have the budget for it. So I knew I was going to rely heavily on practical makeup and costuming, and one of the places that kept popping up was my good pal Greg Nicotero on his KNB Group. And he's obviously done a tremendous amount of work on dozens and dozens of movies. The sort of serendipitous part of it is that Greg was there at the beginning 20 years ago for the original Spawn movie."

Considering how CGI-based recent comic book movies have been over the years, the Spawn reboot could be a breath of fresh air. Going for a grittier horror-esque film fits the character well and McFarlane already revealed that Spawn himself will be more of a haunting presence in the movie. Think Jaws from, well, Jaws.

Spawn has no release date, as of this writing.

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