16 Aug 2018 12:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Todd McFarlane Poses With Spawn Cake After Visiting Stan Lee

Todd McFarlane certainly has reason to celebrate. The Spawn creator has just been given an amazing cake shaped like his antihero after he paid a long over-due visit to fellow comic book icon Stan Lee.

McFarlane has been actively posting updates about his visit to Lee, who previously announced that he would no longer be attending public conventions. The announcement didn't deter the Spawn creator from seeing his old friend. Although the two possibly took time bonding over their previous work, McFarlane took to Twitter to show off an amazing cake he was given as a gift.

It has already been confirmed that the new Spawn adaptation would be directed by McFarlane. Although there has been no announcement as to when the film will begin production, the working title has recently been revealed to be Tony Dynamite.

McFarlane has continued sharing new photos of his visit to Lee. The latest Instagram post thanks the Spider-Man creator for "giving me pleasure of being on stage with him dozens of times."


Seeing McFarlane and Lee together is certainly a welcome sight. The two are known as some of the greatest comic book icons and the idea that they are supporting each other rests well with fans. Hopefully, this will give Lee the strength to attend more conventions in the future.

McFarlane's Spawn film will star Jamie Foxx as Al Simmons. Marvel actor Jeremy Renner has also been confirmed as Detective Twitch Williams in the highly anticipated movie.

The new Spawn film is expected to begin production in early 2019.

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