Today's Webtoon Actress Kim Sejeong Shares How K-Drama Changed Her Perspective About Webtoons

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Today’s Webtoon actress Kim Sejeong has a lot to say about her upcoming drama.

This month, the SBS drama will bring the Korean adaptation of the 2016 Japanese series, Sleepeeer Hit!. The new K-drama tells the story of the competitive webtoon industry through its main star, Kim Sejeong.

It explores the life of her character, a former judo athlete who chooses to work in a webtoon editorial department after losing her chance to become part of the Olympics. But while doing the other thing she loves, she finds herself struggling to grow into a true editor.


Before the premiere, Kim Sejeong took her fans to the drama by revealing further details about it.

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Kim Sejeong Reveals What Fans Should Expect in Today’s Webtoon

In a new interview before the K-drama’s release (via Naver), the A Business Proposal actress opened up about Today’s Webtoon and how the importance of dreams is portrayed in the series.


Per Kim Sejeong, she and On Ma Eum are similar since they both chase their dreams with passion and positive energy. She noted that all dreams are precious, even if people are yet to make them come true.

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“This drama doesn’t only show the bright side of dreams; it also portrays the dark and unglamorous sides of the realistic journey involved [in chasing those dreams]. I thought it would be interesting to approach this story from the viewpoint of the cheerful and positive Ma Eum, as well as that of Kim Sejeong,” she went on.

Although she has been known for having long hair, she has to sacrifice it and cut it short to make On Ma Eum’s portrayal more realistic. That way, people will see the character as On Ma Eum instead of Kim Sejeong.

Kim Sejeong Admits She’s a Fan of Webtoons

During the same discussion, Kim Sejeong said she is also a fan of webtoons. Now that she sees more webtoon stories being adapted into dramas, she reportedly began wishing she could play the main character in one of them.


Fortunately, she scored Today’s Webtoon.

Aside from falling in love with webtoons, she also got to see how hard it is to create a webtoon.

“[While filming this drama,] I learned about the process that it takes to create one webtoon. Now, apart from the story, I also find myself noticing the toil and effort of the writer and editors to meet their deadlines,” she noted.

Kim Sejeong asked fans to tune in and watch On Ma Eum’s journey starting this month. Today’s Webtoon will release episode 1 on July 29, 10:00 p.m. KST.

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