Today's Webtoon Episode 5 Recap: Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoon Su’s Relationship Start To Bloom + Ko Chang Seok Finally Learns About Her Daughter’s Job

Credit: SBS NOW/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SBS NOW/YouTube Screenshot

Today’s Webtoon Episode 5 tells the story of Kim Sejeong’s On Ma Eum finding a new dream after failing to make it to the Olympics.

Today’s Webtoon is an ongoing K-drama series that tells the story of On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who gives up her Olympic dreams after an accident. As she takes on a new role as a webtoon editor, the series shares the competitive nature of job postings in South Korea, especially in the webtoon industry.

The series features Kim Sejeong, who plays the role of On Ma Eum, alongside Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel.

Here’s what happened in Today’s Webtoon Episode 5.

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 5 Recap

Today’s Webtoon episode 5 starts with a younger On Ma Eum trying to ice skate with her father, On Ki Bong.

Shin Dae Ryuk then appears on screen, showing how other Webtoon Camp attendees started to bully him due to his art style. On Ma Eum defends the artist but ends up hurting the perpetrator. Kwon Young Bae, who has been contradicting On Ma Eum’s suggestions related to Shin Dae Ryuk, gives her a hard time after the incident.

Meanwhile, Goo Jun Yeong receives a call from Heo Gwan Young while accompanying the injured webtoon artist to the hospital due to the incident. He also catches that they are lying to ruin Neon’s image.

On the other hand, the editing department and current webtoon artists start the evaluation and recruit new artists. Although most of them do not like Shin Dae Ryuk’s drawings, Kim Kap Soo suggests making him his assistant first so he can train him.

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However, Shin Dae Ryuk reportedly does not want to become an assistant. Still, Seok Ji Hyung asks On Ma Eum to persuade the rookie artist.

Neon also releases the names and works of the rookie artists who make it to the company. The team members then choose the rookie artists they want to work with.

As for On Ma Eum, she chooses to work with Goo Seul A and Shin Dae Ryul, although the latter did not make it to the finalist.

While they work hard in improving rookie artists, On Ma Eum and Goo Jun Yeong start sharing a close relationship.

On her way home, On Ma Eum bumps into her father, On Ki Bong, who still does not know she is already working at a webtoon company. The patriarch still wants her to do judo, however, she remembers what happened during the 2021 National Judo Competition again when she injured her opponent. The event, unfortunately, leaves her with trauma and shock.

Still, she eventually tells her father about her job, making him angry at her. But she tells him that becoming an Olympic Gold medalist was her dream, but it all changed now.

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