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Today's Webtoon Episode 11 Recap: Nam Yoon Su Having Second Thoughts on Whether He Should Betray Kim Sejeong, Webtoon Service Team + He Learns Truth About His Sister’s Death

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 11 reveals what truly happened to Goo Jun Yeong’s sister, Goo Ae Ri.

Today’s Webtoon is an ongoing K-drama series that tells the story of On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who gives up her Olympic dreams after an accident. As she takes on a new role as a webtoon editor, the series shares the competitive nature of job postings in South Korea, especially in the webtoon industry.

The series features Kim Sejeong, who plays the role of On Ma Eum, alongside Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel.

What happened in Today’s Webtoon Episode 11? Continue reading to know more!

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 11 Recap

Today’s Webtoon episode 11 starts with Goo Jun Yeong remembering his late sister, Goo Ae Ri, telling him to accept the study program abroad. However, he was worried about the expenses that could come with it.

After pursuing his study abroad, Goo Jun Yeong returned home after his sister tragically passed away.

In the present time, he asks Seok Ji Hyung about his sister after their uncle told him it was Jang Man Cheol’s fault that Goo Ae Ri died. While the team celebrates Seok Ji Hyung’s decision not to leave Neon Webtoon, Goo Jun Hyeong remains curious about what truly happened to his sister.

Jang Man Cheol becomes emotional as he feels like he keeps on preventing Seok Ji Hyung from having a better career.

On Ma Eum’s relationship with his father remains cold since she wants to continue her new career instead of returning to judo.

Meanwhile, Goo Jun Yeong pays his uncle to know the truth about Goo Ae Ri’s death. It turns out that Gingertoon promised a permanent position to Goo Ae Ri, but they cut her off after her contract expired. He finds it hard to decide whether he should betray the Neon Webtoon Service Team or not because of his sister.

Im Dong Hee pays a visit to Baek Eo Jin after resigning as one of his cartoonists. He also meets Shin Dae Ryuk again after he became a successful webtoon artist.

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Jang Man Cheol receives another warning again due to the service team’s underperformance.

On the other hand, Goo Jun Yeong finally reveals to On Ma Eum the reason why he has been showing bizarre and hurtful actions in the past few days. He also files a resignation due to personal matters.

Seok Ji Hyung also tells Goo Ae Ri’s story to On Ma Eum and what happened to the former Gingertoon employee. Goo Ae Ri’s contract ended, causing her to work all-day and night to support Goo Jun Yeong’s study abroad.

Yoon Tae Hee also helped Jang Man Cheol and his team to continue their webtoon works under Neon. Although there were only six Gingertoon employees, Jang Man Cheol told the CEO that there were seven in the team, including Goo Ae Ri.

Unfortunately, Goo Jun Yeong’s sister was killed in a car accident.

Jang Man Cheol tries to change Goo Jun Yeong’s mind to resign by giving him Goo Ae Ri’s diary. Still, he starts thinking that it was his fault that his sister died.

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