TNT's Snowpiercer Series Gets New Premiere Date in Explosive Teaser Trailer

Several shows might be postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak but there's one series that is still pushing forward like an unstoppable train. TNT's highly anticipated Snowpiercer series has just been given an earlier premiere date along with an explosive new trailer.

There is little doubt that Snowpiercer has encountered several speed bumps in the past. Although the show was initially developed by TNT, it was moved to premiere on TBS before being switched back to its original network. In addition to that, the first season alone took three years to produce due to several production problems. Nevertheless, TNT is now determined to give the show the premiere it deserves.

TNT general manager Brett Weitz released a statement about the show's early premiere in May (via io9).

"Snowpiercer is one of the most anticipated original series of 2020 and in this climate, viewers are craving thrilling, engaging, edge-of-your-seat content that speaks to them on a deeper level," Weitz said. "It is extremely important that we continue with our promise to meet audiences where they are, and to that effect, we are moving up Snowpiercer's premiere so that fans can enjoy this futuristic series even earlier."

The series is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige as well as Bong Joon-ho's film adaptation and will star Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs.

Snowpiercer is scheduled to premiere on TNT on May 17.

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