TJ Miller Clarifies Statement About Appearing in Deadpool 3, Tells Fans to 'Stop Reporting Fake Things'

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With Deadpool 2 being a huge success and Fox releasing a PG-13 cut of the film in December called Once Upon a Deadpool, fans have been curious about a possible Deadpool 3. Ryan Reynolds has made it seem like it's not going to happen and a recent report claims that TJ Miller won't be a part of it, thanks to a conversation he had that was screen-capped.

It turns out that Miller wasn't being completely honest in that convo as the Emoji Movie actor has claimed that he is contracted for three films but that there is no talk regarding Deadpool 3 yet. Miller even said that he told his friend that he wouldn't be in it so that he would get off his back about it and encouraged everyone to "stop sharing fake things."

The actor also claims that DanielRPK was spamming him about the movie, which is why he decided to tell him that he won't be returning. Turns out that he doesn't know if he is going to return, especially after making the news thanks to sexual harassment accusations and calling in a fake bomb threat, both of which are fairly serious crimes.

Fans will have to wait and see if Miller's Weasel will return for Deadpool 3, assuming that one is made. Ryan Reynolds previously stated that Miller would not be in X-Force, which is fine since that isn't a Deadpool-exclusive movie, though many saw it as him no longer being associated with the franchise.

Once Upon a Deadpool comes out this December.

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