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Titans Season 4 Drops Official Episode Number, Titles Hinting at Intense New Outing

Credit: HBO Max/YouTube Screenshot

Titans’ official Twitter account dropped the official episode number and titles for the upcoming Titans Season 4. With the coming of Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan) and other villains, the titles just hint at how intense this new season can be.

Titans Season 4 will soon kick off on HBO Max. By the looks of it, the very first episode will start with a huge terror with Lex Luthor’s (Titus Welliver) arrival.

Titans Season 4 Titles

The fourth season’s first part will be composed of six episodes that will run until December.

The premiere episode will be aptly titled Lex Luthor and see the introduction of Welliver in the series.

It will be followed by Mother Mayhem and Jinx, which seem to allude to feature these two new characters’ backstories.

Episode 4 will be called Super Super Smart, while Episode 5 will be titled Inside Man.

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Finally, Episode 6, Brother Blood, will reveal the new season’s villain, played by Morgan. Here, Sebastian Sanger will be completing his transformation as the DC series’ supervillain.

Episode 7, Dude, Where’s My Gar, will probably feature Ryan Potter’s scriptwriting after announcing he will be making his writing debut in Titans Season 4. Episode 8 will then be Caul’s Folly.

For Episode 9, Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory, it remains to be seen who Ted and Carol will be. Will it be about Nightwing and Starfire, knowing their romance will be a big part of the new season?

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Episode 10 will be called Game Over, followed by episode 11, Project Starfire, and the final episode will have a fitting title of Titans Forever.

The Introduction of the Church of Blood

Titans Season 4 will also introduce the dangerous cult, the Church of Blood, which has something to do with Brother Blood’s coming. It will also see the arrival of Mother Mayhem.

Meanwhile, compared to the previous seasons, which had a 13-episode order, the fourth outing will only have 12 episodes. There are no words for why Titans Season 4 also lacks one episode or why it will be divided into two parts.

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After the six-episode first part, the second part will be out sometime in 2023.

Titans Season 4 will premiere on November 3 on HBO Max.

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