17 Jun 2021 1:21 PM +00:00

Titans Season 3 Trailer Teases Debut of [SPOILERS] and Iconic Batman Comics Scene

Credit: DC Comics

I think we can all agree that DC has been inconsistent with its film and television content but that's not to say that they're all miss because we can't deny the fact that Titans still remains as one of their finest work. It's been close to two years since we last saw the popular DC superhero team but worry not, as they're set to return this Summer.

After months of teasing and fan anticipation, HBO Max finally debuted the official trailer for the upcoming third season of the hit DC series, and boy, to say that it'll leave you on the edge of your seat is an understatement. While details about Season 3's overall plot are still scarce, we all know that the series will now revolve around Jason Todd's gruesome fate and his journey to becoming Red Hood.

The short but action-packed teaser is centered on Jason Todd and Joker's spine-chilling encounter and it's quite obvious that it takes massive inspiration from its source material Batman: A Death in the Family with the Clown Prince of Crime beating the former Robin to a bloody pulp. Later in the clip, we see a short glimpse of Jason as he reemerges as the villainous Red Hood. Check it out here:

We still have no clue which actor portrays The Joker and given the fact that the creative minds behind the series have yet to reveal details about the villain's involvement in the show, I wouldn't be surprised if Joker is only used in a flashback sequence and nothing more.

DC's Titans debuts this August exclusively on HBO Max.

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