Titans Season 2 Star Brenton Thwaites Addresses Deathstroke's Latest Kill

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The stakes are extremely high in Titans Season 2 as more characters are dropping like flies now that Deathstroke is in full swing. But did anybody really expect the latest casualty in the episode Deathstroke? Brenton Thwaites has opened up about Slade Wilson's most unexpected victim in the DC Universe series.

WARNING: Spoilers from Titans Season 2 Episode 5 ahead, proceed with caution.

In Deathstroke, Slade didn't waste any time abducting Jason Todd and telling the Titans that he would release the new Robin in exchange for his daughter Rose Wilson (oh, he also killed Dr. Light before trying to negotiate a trade). Rose tries to escape when she realizes that the team is considering giving her up and is almost killed by Rachel Roth. Dick Grayson then tries to get Deathstroke to take him instead and let Jason go but it is revealed that Jason has been rigged to a scaffold filled with explosives. Although Kory Anders tries to intervene, Slade still manages to detonate the explosives and send Jason plummetting to his death.


It's shocking for viewers and for Thwaites as well. The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales star told Comicbook.com he did not expect things to turn out the way it did in the episode.

"I didn't see it developing that way, but I like it, because it shows us the danger and the kind of shows us how serious Deathstroke is," Thwaites said. "I think it's important to see him as a real threat, and the builds that he has in season two is one filled with death and evil. That's necessary for us to see, because essentially we have a whole journey where Dick reaches rock bottom, the Titans split up, and we need to see that he's not going to knock around."

But does this mean Jason is officially dead? From the look of things, it didn't look like he could have survived the fall from a skyscraper. But then again, Titans Season 2 has surprised us with a lot of things so we'll just wait until the next episode to find out for sure.

The next Titans Season 2 episode is titled Conner and will premiere on DC Universe on October 11.

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