Titans Season 2 Set For Production In February Next Year

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Despite the wariness of the DC fanbase before the launch of the series, Titans has become a welcome offering on DC Universe, DC Comics new streaming site. Now with the season one finale set to premiere on DC Universe this Friday, it looks like a new batch of episodes is being made ready for development.

SuperBrosMovies has the newest updates on Titans and according to the publication, production on the second season of the series is being scheduled to begin in February next year. The second season order for Titans came right before the series made its debut in the DC Universe back in October, and now it looks like the streaming platform is getting ready to roll the next batch of episodes into production.

Speaking in an interview with ComicBook.com, Conor Leslie, the actress who plays Donna Troy in Titans, talks about what she'd like to see in the future episodes of the show.

"It's tricky because I don't know, part of me, when I look at where she's been in the last few years... I feel like where we're going with Donna is honoring some storylines, but we're creating one," Leslie said in her interview with the publication. "We know that [Wonder Woman] has taken her from the burning building, that's established in this episode. There's some stuff with her origin that I would like to explore, but I don't think I can say that because it's referencing the last episode. There's not one that's sticking out in my head right now, honestly, but I think I'd like to see a hybrid of old-school Donna and [DC Rebirth] Donna. That too is just so badass. But we'll see."

Titans has certainly grown into a series worth following despite fans many issues with the series tone and its characterization of fan-favorite heroes like Starfire and Raven. The series has earned an 82% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes – just one percent higher than its audience score.

According to the site's critical consensus of the series, Titans, "despite a few tonal growing pains," actually "does justice to its source material and truly shines when its titular ensemble finally assembles."

The season 1 finale of Titans drops on DC Universe this Friday, December 21.

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