Titans and Doom Patrol Reportedly In Danger of Getting Canceled

With the cancellation of Batgirl and Warner Bros.' ten-year plan to reshape the DCEU franchise, there have been concerns about the status of the other DC projects in film and television. While most of them have been marked safe, unfortunately, there are others that are seemingly in danger of getting canceled soon.

An earlier version of a recent report from Variety has claimed that the HBO Max shows Titans and Doom Patrol are in trouble and "said to be on the chopping block." However, later on, the report updated the status and has now claimed that the decisions regarding their renewals "will be made once the [upcoming] seasons are streaming."

So far, HBO Max has not made any official statements about the status of Titans and Doom Patrol. Both of them have been renewed for a fourth season with an undetermined release date. Titans also reportedly finished filming their fourth season earlier this year.

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Considering that Warner Bros. Discovery has been making a lot of moves on their films and TV shows, it is understandable why there have been concerns about the status of the aforementioned DC shows and their fate still remains to be unclear even though they've been renewed for another season.

Given that the streamer has not made any official decision, we can safely assume for now that they are safe unless they'll revert their decisions. Since both of them are hit shows, we can assume that they might get renewed. However, as proven by their recent decisions, it is still likely that they can still cancel the shows.

We should be hearing an official decision regarding the matter in the coming weeks or months as the new management under Warner Bros. Discovery is still figuring out the future of their projects.

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