Thor: Ragnarok’s Run Time Makes It Shortest Movie In The MCU

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There might be a lot of excitement building up over Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok but it looks like Taika Waititi's superhero space romp movie might turn out to be one of the shortest feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking with Collider after Marvel dropped the first official Thor: Ragnarok trailer at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend, Taika Waititi provided a few updates on the run-time of the highly anticipated Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) space adventure. According to the Marvel director, he's decided to keep the film much shorter than usual because he wants to leave fans wanting for more instead of leaving them feeling exhausted with a three-hour run.

"The cut right now, I reckon it's about 100 minutes. It's not gonna be a very, very long film. I think that stories are better when you leave them wanting more, and this film moves at a clip, it's got stuff happening all the time. I think people are still gonna feel exhausted by the end, they've been on this big journey and stuff, so I don't think we need the film to be three hours."


This makes Thor: Ragnarok a little over an hour and a half – two minutes shorter than the shortest MCU movie The Incredible Hulk (run time being at 112 minutes). This might disappoint fans who were hoping for a lengthy space adventure, but the cut might be enough to give the film from feeling a bit too drawn out. Besides, Waititi knows how to manage a good story in under 2 hours. Hunt for the Wilderpeople which ran at 101 minutes and What We Do In The Shadows which ran at 86 did perfectly fine, so there's no reason to feel disappointed with Ragnarok's 100 minute run time at all.

Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas November 3, 2017.

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