Taika Waititi Explains Hulk’s Developed Speaking Abilities In Thor: Ragnarok

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There's been a lot of excitement building up over Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok ever since Marvel dropped the film's official trailer during the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. Not only is everyone eager to check out the funnier version of Chris Hemsworth's Thor, but their also eager to meet Mark Ruffalo's baby-talking Hulk.

The Marvel cinematic Universe's version of Doc Green usually doesn't talk much, so fans were surprised to find Hulk conversing with Thor Odinson at the end of the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer. Sure, he sounded like a two-year old, but it's the best fans have gotten from the MCU's Green Goliath ever since he appeared in the franchise.


Speaking with IGN during the pop culture and geek convention, Waititi decided to explain Hulk's new speech patterns, saying that he wanted to play around the fact that the Hulk and Bruce Banner share the same existence as a single being, or entity.

"I was always fascinated by the duality of Hulk and Banner, and seeing how their brains could be interconnected. Could we sometimes see Hulk and could we have a bit of Banner's voice in there? Could we see Banner and have Hulk's personality through there?"

"I think in this film we're going to see that for the first time, where the two are fighting — really fighting this time — for control of the body. And Hulk talking, this idea of a more cognitive Hulk who can say sentences — that obviously has existed in the comics, but I think it's something the fans want to finally see. It's exactly what fans want to see, and what I wanted to see too."

Banner used to address the Hulk as a beast separate from his consciousness, however it seems like Thor: Ragnarok has the scientist learning to embrace his alter ego, and in the process, help develop Doc Green's intellect. It's certainly going to be interesting seeing this play between Bruce Banner and the Hulk in Marvel's last film of 2017.

Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas November 3, 2017.

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