Thor: Ragnarok Deleted Scene Might Have Teased Love and Thunder

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Marvel fans are already excited for what director Taika Waititi has in store in Thor: Love and Thunder. While it may seem like the movie has an entirely new concept set out after Ragnarok, it looks like Waititi has already teased it beforehand.

A new deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok made its way online which shows Hela's arrival on Earth to confront Loki and Thor. The clip comes from the Infinity Saga box set and is originally a scene meant to show Odin's completely different state as opposed to the final cut.


While it is similar to what is in the movie, the characters in the deleted scene are in a New York alleyway. Thor and Loki tracked down Odin, who is a homeless man in this version.

But what stuck out to Redditor u/Beddick is that the action sequence included an Easter egg for Love and Thunder. In the wall of the alleyway, seen behind Loki and Odin, a bunch of posters is laid out, including one that seems to show a band named "Thunder Love."

In addition, some posters also include the words "new series" as well as a poster of Journey Into Mystery, which is a reference to a classic Marvel series. You can check it out below.

Thor Love and Thunder title easter egg from Ragnarok deleted scene. Journey Into Mystery for Thor 5?

Waititi previously revealed that they changed the scene because "alleyways aren't cool" and fields are. They originally shot some stuff in New York and have them meet Doctor Strange. However, the director thinks it's "too convenient" that the hero is just down the road. Since it has been so "fast-paced," Waititi wanted to go "someplace peaceful."


Do you think Taika Waititi intentionally put the said posters as a reference to his upcoming movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on November 5, 2021

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