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Thor: Love and Thunder Star Says Filming for His Controversial Scene was Funny

Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder is arguably the most divisive Marvel project this year. Much of it had to do with the film's overly comedic tone as well as its sloppy VFX which even drew criticism from director Taika Waititi himself. The scene that raised many fans' eyebrows is the sequence that featured Thor talking to Heimdall's son Axl and the CGI work was so bad, the studio had to rework it for the film's Disney+ release.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Now, one of the actors involved in the scene is addressing the backlash surrounding his scene. In an interview with ComicBookMovie's Josh Wilding (via The Direct), actor Kieron L. Dyer, who played Heimdall's son recalled how his controversial VFX scene was filmed. According to the young star, he didn't know that he would be filming the scene without any co-actor.

He shared: "Yeah, so it was funny how they did it actually, because I thought I was going to be with the other actors when I did it but… so what happened was I came to set and I was the only person there. Because how they filmed it was, I was kind of sitting in this chair and the camera was like here, on my face, and it was just focusing on me."

He continued: "And Taika was there saying the other lines, as I say my lines. And so then he showed me the shot after of how they filmed that, because I wasn’t there when they filmed. They filmed it separately and kind of put my face in the scene."

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Despite that awful VFX scene, Axl's inclusion in the film received a generally positive reception from the fandom and we can safely say that he'll be back for more MCU projects in the future.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.

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