Disney Fixes Thor 4's Controversial VFX but Somehow Made it Worse

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

There's no denying that Thor: Ragnarok helped reinvigorate the Thor film franchise but its unprecedented success put a ton of pressure on director Taika Waititi to once again deliver a banger. Unfortunately, while its follow-up Thor: Love and Thunder performed well at the box office, it was met with criticism from fans and critics for a number of reasons.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

One of which is the Thorquel's CGI quality, an issue that even Waititi and actress Tessa Thompson couldn't help but mock during an interview. A particular scene that became a hot topic online is one that revolves around Heimdall's son Axl which a lot of fans thought was poorly executed.

However, it turns out that Disney has altered the aforementioned scene for Love and Thunder's Disney+ release but instead of fixing the already bad CGI, they might have made it look even worse. To be fair, it looks better in comparison to the theatrical version but it still isn't on the same level we're used to when it comes to the studio's VFX.

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The decline in the studio's CGI quality is becoming quite an issue as of late, with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law being forced to rework Tatiana Maslany's VFX following several complaints from fans. While budget concerns may come into play, it's still not an excuse on Marvel's part not to deliver especially when they've done it in the past with a considerably smaller budget.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.

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