Thor Love and Thunder: Kat Dennings Wants Darcy to Make a Comeback as Well

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MCU fans thought we were done with Jane Foster and Earth after Thor: Ragnarok, but Taika Waititi is bringing back Natalie Portman to be Marvel's female Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. With Portman coming back though, everyone is wondering about her intern Darcy. What's cool is Kat Dennings would definitely want a comeback to the MCU, but nobody's called her yet.

Talking to ComicBook, Dennings said, "No one has talked to me and even if they had, I definitely couldn't say anything about it." She did say that she would love to work with director Taika Waititi though. Dennings continued, "Oh my God, I am such a huge fan of his… What We Do in the Shadows, one my favorite movies ever. So it would be an honor to work with him, but I have no info. None."


Besides Avengers: Endgame, it's been half a decade since we've seen Jane Foster and Darcy in the MCU. We don't really know where the two are at now, but if Portman is making a return, I would love Dennings to come back as well. If anything, I always thought that Darcy was the funner character when it came to the two. I just thought that Jane was awfully bland, but hopefully Waititi has a way to make her more interesting in Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for a release on Nov. 5, 2021.

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