Thor: Love and Thunder Director Addresses Whether Loki Will Appear in the Movie

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Though Loki met his unfortunate fate in Avengers: Infinity War, the 2012 version of the character returned in Endgame and wandered off with the Tesseract. It seems like the God of Mischief's adventures are far from over and there could even be a chance that he'll return once more in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Director Taika Waititi recently did a Thor: Ragnarok watch party on Instagram where he answered a bunch of questions by fans. "Oh, yeah… I can't say," he said, when asked if Loki will make a return in the film. "If I had wanted to kill Loki for some reason, I would ask about it and Marvel might have told me that they needed him for Infinity War. That's how I usually find out about the stuff that's coming up."

Though he didn't go further into specifics, some fans are still holding out hope that Loki will return once more to be reunited with his brother. For now, the character will be starring in his own Disney+ series. While there's not much known about its plot, the trailer suggests that the Time Variance Authority will be involved and the character might be held responsible for his time skipping after Endgame.

It's unclear whether or not Loki will be returning in the Thor sequel but some fans will certainly be looking out for that possibility.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on February 18, 2022.

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