07 Jan 2021 10:13 AM +00:00 UTC

Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Gets Called Out by Logan Paul: 'I'll Fight Him After Mayweather'

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is gearing up for his much-awaited return as the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. Expected to film next week in Australia, Hemsworth will be joined by his fellow "Marvel Chris" Chris Pratt and Christian Bale, who will make his shocking Marvel Cinematic Universe debut.

We're all aware of the Thor actor's intense workout regimen and we can all agree that he's a total beast outside of the movie set. It also wouldn't be too farfetched to believe that the Australian hunk can hurt someone in a legit fight which is why he's being called out by YouTube star Logan Paul.

Paul, who is scheduled to fight Floyd Mayweather in a special exhibition match laid out the challenge to Hemsworth on Twitter. Retweeting a video of Chris training for his upcoming return as the Mighty Asgardian, Logan wrote: "I'll fight him after Mayweather". Check it out here:

We're not quite sure if he truly means it or if the supposed challenge is just part of his ongoing gimmick as a social media star but a match between the two would be an interesting sight to behold, to say the least. But considering Hemsworth's packed Hollywood schedule, I think the YouTube star may have to wait in line to get his wish.

Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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