Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth's Nude Scene Revealed to be Most Replayed Part of Trailer

Marvel Studios' next feature film Thor: Love and Thunder is already creating a ton of buzz online and as it turns out, it's all thanks to a particular scene from the official trailer that caught many fans off guard. Of course, we're talking about Chris Hemsworth's "nude" sequence during the trailer's closing moments.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

While the previous Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok also featured a butt-naked Hulk, the shock value of Odinson's nude scene was too much for some fans to handle. Despite that, new data from YouTube (via ComicBook) now reveals that the said scene has been rewatched more times than any other sequence from the Love and Thunder trailer which quite frankly, isn't all that surprising.

In fact, if you'll skip to the 2:01 mark of the trailer, the video-sharing platform indicates that Thor's NSFW scene is the "most replayed" part of the trailer. It's safe to say that Thor's buns shattered the internet. Check it out here:

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Credit: Marvel

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It'll be interesting to see if the said scene will actually make it to the final cut of the film but judging by how pivotal the sequence (which also features Zeus) looks, there's definitely a good chance it will end up in the theatrical release. The real question is, will Marvel Studios actually show Chris Hemsworth's rear end?

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently slated for release on July 8, 2022.

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