This New 'Star Wars' Video Explains How Rey Got Her Force Powers So Quickly

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Rey is one of the most pivotal characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and she’s also one of the most surprising. While her parentage remains unknown, the real mystery is how she acquired her powers from the Force so quickly.

She’s the only character featured in Star Wars who has shown an uncanny ability to acquire Force powers without having any sort of training. Because of this, fans were divided.Some people even went as far as calling Rey a Mary Sue.

Regardless of whether people think Rey is or isn’t a Mary Sue, a new video by Dash Starhas broken down 4 theories on how Rey turned into a force to be reckoned with in Episode 7.  



Theory 1: Reverse Mind Intrusion

Rey figured out how to use the Force through Kylo Ren’s mind when he tried to get into her head and Rey tried to push back. She found a way to get into Ren’s mind, so it’s possible she found out a way how to use the Force at the time.

Theory 2: Psychometry

When Rey touched Anakin’s lightsaber, she saw Anakin’s past and emotions. She could have gotten her Force Powers from Anakin and Luke since they both used the lightsaber, hence the overload of Force vision.

Theory 3: Memory Rub

Luke Skywalker is her father and in order to protect her, Luke gave her a memory rub making her forget who she is. When she touched Anakin’s lightsaber though, the memories and her Force abilities came rushing back.

Theory 4: Lineage


When the Force awakened, the Light and Dark sides became stronger. Rey could be the raw embodiment of the Light side.


I prefer Rey’s Memory Rub theory the best. If Luke is her father, there could be countless other theories about her past. In any case, this video is only the beginning of a long discussion into how Rey got her Force powers that quick. It’s also possible that none of these theories are true.

We can only know for sure once Star Wars: Episode VIII debuts on December 2017.

Which of these theories do you think is true?