This Is Us Series Finale: Milo Ventimiglia Says Fans Will Be Satisfied But 'It May Not Be Happy'

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Credit: Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube

As we’re inching closer and closer to the highly anticipated This Is Us series finale, every bit of morsel stars of the show drops shouldn’t be missed. Case in point – Milo Ventimiglia saying no one is safe in the series finale.

Milo Ventimiglia Teases the This Is Us Series Finale

Milo Ventimiglia discussed the This Is Us series finale with Us Weekly in an interview.

“I think, if anything, there may be a bit of a bit of magic at the end — kinda like life can put something in front of you that maybe you weren’t expecting, but you still feel satisfied with it,” the actor said.

“It’s really fulfilling [and] deeply emotional, so I’m sure people will be crying, but it’s gonna feel pretty good in the end.”

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The series finale, of course, is expected to make fans cry. It's not surprising that the final hour of the NBC drama will be dramatic, given that almost every episode is tear-jerking. And, according to Ventimiglia, there will be lots of happy tears shed during the This Is Us series finale. However, there will undoubtedly be some that are sad.

Not Everyone in This Is Us Gets a Happy Ending

While Milo Ventimiglia teased "magic" in the This Is Us finale, it won't be all rainbows and sunshine for every Pearson family member.

“ may not be happy, or it may be happy. It’s just the way that life works.”

As the actor hinted, This Is Us still has plenty of surprises up its sleeve as the season comes to a close. However, because the show has always been true to life, the series finale will most certainly make fans both joyful and sad.

The actor warned: “People should just kind of get ready, and I think people will be very satisfied when the final moments of the show air.”

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We now know that the This Is Us finale is both spectacular and tragic, thanks to Ventimiglia. We do know, however, that the actors and crew have already begun filming for the series finale.

Creator Dan Fogelman revealed: “I’ve actually already shot pieces of the final scene in the series,” during a panel in 2018.

Fogelman has known how the show will end for as long as he can remember. We're not sure whether this should thrill or terrify fans. But, whatever the conclusion of This Is Us is, it will undoubtedly be an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

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The final season of This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.


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