This Is Us Season 6: Mandy Moore Drops Heavy Hints About Show's Final Year

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Mandy Moore has asked viewers to "get ready" because This Is Us Season 6 will be all about tugging at people's heartstrings.

This Is Us Season 5 closed with another glimpse into the Pearsons' future, with the bombshell announcement that Kate will remarry, confirming that she and Toby will eventually split up. Beyond those hints, it's unknown how the drama concludes, but Moore warns fans to brace themselves for a sad final season.

This Is Us Season 6: ‘Beautiful and Very Sad’


In an interview with Variety to promote the premiere of This Is Us Season 6, the actress stated that they are currently filming their last 18 episodes.

“Get ready. Dan is just pulling no punches. We’re only halfway through [shooting], and it’s the hardest I think any of us have worked. It’s really beautiful and very sad.”

The storyline of This Is Us spans various timelines, but the main story takes place in the present, with all of the children now adults and living with their families. From the start, creator Dan Fogelman said that the family drama's entire story will be told over six seasons, and they've stuck to that plan.

The Final Chapter

In May, Fogelman announced that This Is Us Season 6 would be the last. Moore had also voiced her sadness about the series' end on her Instagram Story at the time.

The cast reacted to the show's last season premiere on Today before the sixth and final installment. Moore said that she "absolutely" did not expect This Is Us to become such a huge success.

This isn't the first time a cast member has hinted that the program will conclude on a tragic note. When he found out how the show ends in October 2021, Milo Ventimiglia said he was devastated as well. Nonetheless, the series promises a satisfying conclusion for everyone who has followed the Pearsons' journey since Season 1.

In any case, viewers should expect the show to pull dramatic plot surprises to match the uncertainty of real life. Moore's Rebecca, for her part, is destined for a rough storyline as her character's Alzheimer's disease worsens. Until now, This Is Us has skirted around this particular plotline, but it will take center stage in the final season.