This Is Us Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers & Predictions: Milo Ventimiglia Describes Ending As ‘Incredibly Satisfying’

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

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This Is Us Season 6 is still several months away from premiering, but the cast and creators have been generous enough to share some details from the upcoming episodes.

Just recently, Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson in This Is Us Season 6 confirmed his return to the hit NBC TV series.

Even though Jack died when his three children were just 17 years old, fans continued to see him in This Is Us because of the past, present, and future story arcs created by the writers.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Ventimiglia also shared some details about This Is Us Season 6, which is the last time we will see our favorite characters.

This Is UsSeason 6 Will Have A Satisfying Ending

According to Ventimiglia, he and his co-star Mandy Moore just found out how This Is Us Season 6 would end. Unfortunately, they cannot give any information about the finale, but the actor said that the series would have a satisfying ending.

And in true This Is Us fashion, fans can also expect tears and heartbreak at the end of the series.

"I think it's wonderful. I think it's incredibly satisfying. I think it's beautiful. I was just on set with Dan about two weeks ago and he was talking about some things that I didn't know about the end. I was there with Mandy [Moore]. We just kind of looked at each other, like, one, excited to get into it, and two, incredibly devastated as human beings because this is probably gonna wreck people in the most heartfelt way. It's beautiful. I'm so excited," Ventimiglia said.

Will Rebecca Die In This Is Us Season 6?

Fans have been speculating regarding the fate of Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in This Is Us Season 6. And they are not wrong to predict that she would eventually be killed off.

After all, Rebecca was diagnosed with a degenerative disease in the previous season. So, it's highly likely for the writers to create some heartbreaking storylines centered on Moore's character.

Ventimiglia also assured fans that all the loose ends from the previous seasons would be addressed in This Is Us Season 6. And the writers and director are doing a great job at making sure that no question would be left unanswered.

Moore may have also hinted at the possibility of Rebecca dying at the end of This Is Us Season 6.

While speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Moore said that her character knows that Alzheimer's would eventually rob her of everything – most especially her time with her children.

So, coming into This Is Us Season 6, fans will see Rebecca wanting to spend as much time as she can with Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. Brown), and Kevin (Justin Hartley).

"I feel like her light had sort of dulled after Rebecca lost Jack. Ironically, this diagnosis forces her to live life with joie de vivre," Moore said.

Milo Ventimiglia Loved Playing Jack Pearson In This Is Us

During the same interview, Ventimiglia said that he loved playing the role of Jack Pearson in This Is Us.

The actor also said that he had a blast working with his on-screen partner, Moore. So, it's definitely heartbreaking to say goodbye to his character, as well as his co-stars.

However, Ventimiglia admitted that he's also excited for the next chapter of his career.

"I think as an actor, I'm definitely itching to play something else, as we all do. At the same time, I'm proud of what we've done and I'm excited for the opportunities that will present themselves after the show is over," he said.

When Will This Is Us Season 6 Premiere?

NBC just announced the premiere date for This Is Us Season 6 and it will be in January 2022.

Unfortunately, the exact date remains unknown. But it has also been confirmed that the final season for the hit NBC drama will have a total of 18 episodes.

Is There A Trailer For This Is Us Season 6?

NBC has not yet released the official trailer for This Is Us Season 6. But the network released an over one-minute featurette starring the main characters from the series.

In the featurette, Brown, Moore, Hartley, Metz, Ventimiglia share their thoughts on This Is Us Season 6. And all of them are in agreement that it would be difficult to say goodbye to each other.

Ventimiglia is also confident that This Is Us Season 6 will resonate with a lot of people for a very long time.

Where To Watch This Is Us Seasons 1 To 5?

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Credit: Peacock

Since This Is Us Season 6 won't premiere until January, now is the best time to catch up on the first five seasons of the hit NBC drama.

As of writing, This Is Us Seasons 1 to 5 are not available on Netflix USA, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

Luckily, the previous seasons are available to stream online and for free on Peacock and Hulu.

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can also stream This Is Us Seasons 1 to 5 there but for a fee of $2.99 if you want to rent an episode or $19.99 to rent an entire season.

Check back later for more updates, spoilers, and predictions about This Is Us Season 6 here at EpicStream!

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