This Is Us Season 6 Spoilers, Predictions, Premiere Date & More: Rebecca’s Death Won’t Be The Saddest Storyline?

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Credit: NBC

This Is Us Season 6 won't premiere until next year, but there are several spoilers and predictions circulating online that are enough to get fans talking.

As of writing, fans of This Is Us already know that there will be 18 episodes in season 6. This means that the finale episode for the hit NBC series will wrap up sometime in May.


While waiting for the premiere episode of This Is Us Season 6, here are some spoilers and predictions that you might want to check out.

What can fans expect from This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1?

While speaking with Deadline, series creator Dan Fogelman said that This Is Us Season 6 will be emotional. This isn't surprising because all the previous seasons of This Is Us were also the same.

But Fogelman dropped a cryptic description for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1. He said that the premiere episode is his second time ever crying while writing an installment.

The first time that Fogelman cried was when he was writing the story arc about the demise of Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) dad.

What is the title for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1?


Last month, Fogelman shared a photo of the script for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1. And he purposely didn't reveal the title for the premiere installment.

The series creator also revealed that there has been confusion with regards to the title because audiences thought episode 1 will be called One Down.

Fogelman also confirmed that the number of characters covering the episode title is a hint at how many letters it is. Since there are 10 characters in his photo, this means that This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 will have a 10-letter title.

There will be endless amounts of closure in This Is Us Season 6

Fogelman previously confirmed that This Is Us Season 6 is all about closure. Since the upcoming season is the last for the hit NBC series, the series creator promised to not end the show with a cliffhanger.

"All the questions that you're asking about Kate, and who's Nicky [with in the flash forwards], and how does this end…. We've had it very carefully mapped out. So, love it or hate it, we get to go out the way we've always planned on going out and executing the plan. I feel very confident in it, and I'm excited about this season," he said.


Will Rebecca die in This Is Us Season 6?

Mandy Moore didn't confirm or deny the rumors that her character, Rebecca will die in This Is Us Season 6. But the actress said that the upcoming episodes will make audiences emotional.

Fogelman also confirmed that Moore will have a tremendously ambitious season next year as an actress.

"It's going to be quite a ride and quite a showcase for [Moore], someone who I've been beating the drum for a while but who I think is doing something extraordinary on television," he told TV Line.

On Reddit, fans are convinced that Rebecca will die at the end of This Is Us Season 6 in a flash-forward scene. But they also believe that her death will be written beautifully and that they will see Rebecca reuniting with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in heaven.

They are also speculating on the possibility of Rebecca's death not being the most emotional storyline from the season. Instead, it could be Rebecca and Jack's reunion or the entire Pearson family gathering together to talk about their late parents.


Will Beth step up and become the family's matriarch in This Is Us Season 6?

Also on Reddit, fans are saying that they would love to see Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) step up and act like the family's matriarch.

After all, Beth is able to ground all the characters in the series. And she also makes all the other characters feel seen.

Fans do not think that Kate (Chrissy Metz) can assume the role of Rebecca because it took the two female characters years to bond.

Will Kate and Philip's wedding push through in This Is Us Season 6?


According to Fogelman, This Is Us Season 6 will continue to feature multiple timelines. In the flashforward, audiences will see Kate and Philip's (Chris Geere) wedding unfold.

The series creator also said that the young characters in the previous seasons of This Is Us will become grown-ups in the flash-forwards.

"It's fair to say that we will live heavily in both the period that you just saw at the end of the finale and live heavily in the period where everybody is gathering at the house at a much older, future time, where Randall's and Beth's kids are grown up, etc. Our characters and our actors have some really juicy stuff to dig into for this sixth season," he said.

While speaking with Variety, Fogelman said that there will be a power struggle between Kate and Philip in the upcoming season. After all, Philip is Kate's boss.

"We kind of know the course of the relationship, but it's a really good question, especially considering the power dynamics in play and all things that are going on. I guess in a way because I know some other answers that go beyond that, I'm not as worried about that part — because of some other things that happen," he said.

Will Kevin and Sophie get back together in This Is Us Season 6?


Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) were once lovers.

After not seeing each other for 12 years, they reconnected and fell in love.

However, a struggling Kevin in the previous seasons of This Is Us decided to suddenly end their relationship.

On Reddit, one fan is convinced that Sophie will return to This Is Us Season 6. Since Kevin and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) split in This Is Us Season 5, the former is single and free to follow his heart.

But Fogelman teased the possibility of Kevin getting back together with Madison and not with Sophie.

"Despite the heartbreak of that beautiful scene between them and the unusual breakup between them, clearly something is very right with them in that future timeline at the end of the episode. A big thing driving us for next year is who will Kevin end up with? Will he wind up with anybody we know? Does he wind up with anybody at all? I think one way or another that question will be answered," Fogelman said.

Something big will happen to Randall's career in This Is Us Season 6


According to Fogelman, Randall's political career will flourish in This Is Us Season 6.

"We do have a plan. We've had it for a while. I think we've built it successfully with his early rise and slight indications of his local and even borderline national profile just growing in small doses, so that's a journey we owe and in traversing time a little bit, we'll be able to tell that story," he said.

Beth and Randall's roles will also be reversed in This Is Us Season 6.

In the previous seasons, Randall has always been the driving force of their relationship. But the same cannot be said in the upcoming episodes.

Is there a trailer for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1?

NBC has not yet released an official trailer for This Is Us Season 6. It's highly likely for a teaser to be unveiled sometime at the end of the year since the first episode will premiere midseason.


But if you already miss your favorite This Is Us characters, there's no reason to wait until a trailer is released just so you can see them.

You can stream previous seasons of This Is Us on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Peacock right now.