This Guy Looks Exactly Like Fresh-Faced Recruit From Magic: The Gathering's Guilds of Ravnica

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Wizards of the Coast

Guilds of Ravnica is a wonderful Magic: The Gathering set loaded with some memorable creatures, and it turns out that one of the Boros cards looks like someone in the real world. Redditor okaycolby shared a photo of himself to prove that he's the real-world Fresh-Faced Recruit. Check it out:

I am the Fresh Faced Recruit

Fresh-Faced Recruit is actually seen in other Guilds of Ravnica cards like Dead Weight and Chance for Glory so it's cool to see his story in those artworks. It turns out that he's not the only person who looks like a creature from Guilds of Ravnica though. Last month, another Redditor shared an image of a man who looks like Hunted Witness. Check it out:

Not the best card in Guilds of Ravnica, but it's earned a special place in my group of friends.

If Hollywood ever makes a live-action Magic: The Gathering movie set in the world of Ravnica, they should cast these two to play the characters that look like them.

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