There’s a Resurgence of Star Wars Baby Names Because of The Force Awakens

Star Wars has had a big impact on the world's culture for almost four decades, but because of The Force Awakens, there's been a resurgence of the saga's popularity and impact on pop culture. However, it seems that this influence could last well into the next century.

Apparently, more and more babies are being named after Star Wars characters because of The Force Awakens.

According to a blog post (h/t Cinema Blend), Star Wars baby names have become a huge trend. It's not only The Force Awakens characters. Babies are also being named after classic characters.

Not surprising is the name Rey being the most popular name. In 2015, the name ranks at No. 14,172. This year, Rey is at No. 2,784. Meanwhile, the name Kylo is also a clear contender. Turns out, the name of Adam Driver's character is even more popular than Daisy Ridley's. In 2015, Kylo was at No. 3,774, but this year the name was up to No. 1,165. Most interesting is the name Lando, which in 2015 ranked at No. 11,231. This year however, the name jumped to No. 2,126. While the character isn't in The Force Awakens, the rise could also be because of the character's appearances in Star WarsRebels.

Other unsurprising jumps include Han and Leia's names. Meanwhile, Lucas remains on Top 5.

Star Wars isn't the only franchise which has had such an impact on baby names.

While it's a natural thing to see parents wanting Rey's name for their babies, I wonder what must be going on inside parents who have their babies named after Kylo. The character killed his own father for crying out loud. Although, maybe Kylo will have some kind of redemption in Episode IX, if the new trilogy decides to follow the storyline of the original trilogy.

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