There's a Daredevil Imposter in Leaked Image from Season 3

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Netflix may be gearing up for the release of Iron Fist 2, but a lot more people are wondering when we're going to get the third season of Daredevil. The season is said to be adapting the comic Born Again, and it looks like they're going to bring in the DD imposter from the comics.

Check out the leaked photo:

Leaked image from Daredevil Season 3 suggests a Daredevil impostor (like in Born Again)

We don't really know which one of the characters is the real Daredevil, but it would be interesting to see Matt in the DD suit go up against the black suit Daredevil from the first season.

So far, Daredevil is the only Marvel Netflix Defender to get an official superhero outfit. I guess Luke Cage and Jessica Jones don't really need costumes, but it would be nice if Iron Fist got something resembling his look from the comics. Then again, it's kind of hard to give him the mask without it looking silly. Even the promo shots of him wearing it look kind of weird.

Daredevil's story may have capped off a bit weird by the end of Defenders, but hopefully things turn around for the third season. Charlie Cox is still a fantastic actor, and I'd love to see more of his Matt Murdock go up against Vincent D'Onofrio's magnificent Kingpin.

Daredevil 3 is expected to come out sometime later this year.

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