Theater Chain Reminds Families That Joker Movie Isn’t For Children

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Joker might be a critically-acclaimed comic book movie that fans are definitely going to flock to, but the movie is rated R for a good reason.

Trying its best to keep uninformed families from seeing the Joker with their children, chain cinemas like the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has been reminding its customers that Todd Phillip's gritty character study of Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime isn't really suited for young audiences. Sure, some R-rated movies might simply have the R certification because of crass humor and drug use, however, Joker is gritty, graphic, dark, and disturbing in nature. In its post, Drafthouse emphasizes that the film features intense depictions of violence as well as "overall bad vibes."

Though Drafthouse's original post is no longer available on Facebook where it was originally shared, managed to write about the theater chain's warning message.


"Joker is rated R and for good reason. There's lots of very, very rough language, brutal violence, and overall bad vibes. It's a gritty, dark, and realistic, Taxi Driver-esque depiction of one man's descent into madness. It's not for kids, and they won't like it, anyway. (There's no Batman.)," the post reads.

Aside from the R-rating, there has been a growing concern that Joker may influence individuals with the same personality and demeanor as Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck to commit acts of violence much like the Dark Knight Rises did in the Colorado, Aurora shootings back in 2012 during a Century 16 movie theater screening of the film. Of course, fans should remember that while audiences are made to sympathize with the Joker, the film doesn't necessarily glorify Fleck.

Joker premieres this Friday, October 4, 2019.

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