17 Dec 2019 4:43 PM +00:00 UTC

The X-Men's Kid Cable Gets His First Ongoing Comic

It looks like Marvel Comics is filing the market with new X-Men comics due to the sudden surge in popularity, thanks to Jonathan Hickman taking over and changing everything we know about these characters. One change that wasn't done by Hickman was Kid Cable, who went back to our time and killed the older version of himself so he can bring the original X-Men back into their timeline. In March, he will star in the new Cable series, where we will see him handle things solo for the first time ever.

Though we won't be having Hickman as the writer, Marvel fans will be happy to know that Gerry Duggan will be writing this series. Duggan has been doing a good job with his comics lately and people are going to be happy seeing him return here. He will be joined by artist extraordinaire Phil Noto, making this a can't-miss comic book for fans of both men.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Here's the press release for this new series (Via Marvel.com):

Once a grizzled old war veteran from an apocalyptic future, Cable has a new lease on life as a young mutant living on the mutant paradise Krakoa, but you can't keep a good soldier down! Ready for adventure and looking for trouble, Nathan Summers will be headlining an all-new solo series this March that will take the son of Cyclops to places he's never gone before. Cable has always been destined for greatness, whether that be saving mutantkind, sparking rebellion, or both! But why wait? That destiny starts right here, right now! And as no stranger to taking promising young mutants under his wing, expect to see some of your favorite younger X-Men like Pixie and Armor along for the ride!

Kid Cable has been an interesting addition to the X-Men lore and knowing that he will be chilling with younger mutants should be fun to read. With Duggan writing and Noto illustrating, this could be a classic in the making.

Cable #1 comes out this March.

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