06 Dec 2019 4:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Assembles a Team of Mutant Troublemakers Called Hellions

If you're loving the new Dawn of X era that Jonathan Hickman has started for the X-Men then we have some great news for you; there's another new comic book coming out to spend $3.99 on! Marvel Comics has announced a new X-Book called Hellions, a group of mutants who have caused trouble for the X-Men before, mentored by Psylocke and Havok, two characters that know what it's like to be on the side of bad.

Psylocke and Havok aside, the group will also consist of Mr. Sinister, Wild Child, Empath, Nanny, Empath, Orphan Maker, and Scalphunter. Obviously, if you want it to be known that your X-Men book is going to be filled with troublemakers, you add characters named Orphan Maker and Scalphunter.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

The book will be written by Spider-Ham and Robot Chicken writer Zeb Wells, who seems to be making a minor Marvel comeback, while artist Stephen Segovia illustrates the series. Wells has expressed excitement in working on Jonathan Hickman's mutant masterpiece, while the architect himself has praised Wells' previous comics.

Here's the synopsis from Marvel.com:

When the X-Men invited all mutants to Krakoa, they meant ALL mutants, even forgiving the past sins of some of their fiercest enemies. Chief among them was Mister Sinister who now tasks himself with finding purpose for mutantkind's most dangerous outcasts: Wild Child, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Empath, and Scalphunter! Also on hand to do Sinister's dirty work will be X-Men favorites Psylocke and Havok! Will they be able keep these murderous baddies in line or will the team's deadly missions have them succumb to their own sinister natures?

Honestly, given the comics he has worked on, I'm looking forward to seeing how well Wells does. He has written some excellent comics before - the Shed arc of Amazing Spider-Man comes to mind - so this should be fun. Here's hoping he nails this series.

Fans will be able to buy Hellions in March.

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