21 Dec 2019 1:54 PM +00:00 UTC

The Witcher Star Anya Chalotra Dishes on the Infamous Bathtub Scene with Henry Cavill

If there's one scene in The Witcher that fans were looking forward to, it would be the infamous bathtub scene that was made popular by the video games. But what was it like bringing that particular sequence to life? Anya Chalotra admits it was an important moment that she took seriously.

Chalotra recently spoke to Comicbook.com about working with Henry Cavill on the bathtub scene.

"It's such an iconic moment, and I'm glad that we both got to bring it to light," Chalotra said. "And I hope it has everything that the fans want in it."


In the game, Geralt is alone when he gets into the tub. However, this was changed in the Netflix series. Not surprisingly, Chalotra stated that it was a great way to establish the relationship between Geralt and Yennefer.

"I think Yennefer being there, and them having that back and forth, the way they communicate in that tub, I think it's such a key, in that tub," she said. "It's so right, it's such a lovely moment for them for the fans to see what their relationship is like, especially at the beginning of their relationship."

It may not have been the scene that people were expecting but it still worked out perfectly for the series. Needless to say, we're already looking forward to the second season of The Witcher to bring to life some of the games' awesome memes.

The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix.

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