The Witcher Showrunner Explains How Brigand Fights Showed Off Geralt's Two Sides

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One of the best things about The Witcher was the explosive fight sequence that took place in the first episode. After all, it perfectly established Geralt of Rivia as the terrifying force to reckon with. Not surprisingly, the scenes were carefully choreographed to show the two sides of the White Wolf.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich recently spoke to about the sequence and she admitted that the sequence had to be split into two. "The first one we called the brigand fights; the second one we called the Renfri fight," she said. "And what we wanted to do was showcase two different sides of Geralt."


Hissrich continued by explaining how the first part showed off the darker side of Geralt.

"So Geralt in the brigand fight, I think that has to probably be about 30 seconds on screen and he brutally murders several people in quick succession without thinking twice about it, and you get to sort of showcase the skills of Geralt, and that he is trained to be a killing machine -- that's what he's trained to do," she said.

Hissrich then stated how differently the second part of the fight would be.

"Then we flip that on its head, and when I was talking to Wade Eastwood and Wolfgang Stegemann, who choreographed that fight, obviously said to them in the second half, Geralt doesn't want to kill Renfri," she said. "So we're taking out here and now, and we're putting him in a defensive stance in a fight. And I don't think that that's often done. And what I wanted to show is that Geralt can be a killing machine, but he doesn't have to be."

It was certainly some stunning choreography and we're looking forward to seeing more stunts like this in the second season.

The Witcher Season 2 will begin production soon and is expected to air on Netflix in 2021.

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