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The Witcher: Blood Origin Star Mirren Mack Explains Merwyn's True Intentions

There is little doubt that The Witcher: Blood Origin had a few notable villains who were major threats to the Continent. However, the most unexpected bad guy in the spin-off series was Princess Merwyn, who quickly rose to become the self-proclaimed Empress of Xintrea. But is it possible that the Elven princess was not as bad as we thought? Mirren Mack has opened up about her character's true intentions in the Netflix show.

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Princess Merwyn was initially introduced as a seemingly innocent pawn to Prince Alvitir's plans. However, she quickly turns everything around by teaming up with the druid Balor and massacres the monarchs gathered for her engagement. As she is crowned as the ruler of Xintrea, Merwyn begins to believe that she knows what's best for the Elven civilization.

So did Merwyn truly have some good intentions? Mirren Mack spoke to Collider and pointed out that it was something that she had to consider when playing the character.

"Oh, do you know what, this was a big challenge, but the only way I could justify it to myself was that she was so thinking that she was in the right, that she was saving people, so this was it," Mack said. She then admitted that she enjoyed working on Blood Origin.

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"It was so much fun, I loved the whole filming process, and having to give ownership to Merwyn making those decisions that I personally can find quite tricky and horrible. So yeah, it was great fun," she concluded.

There's another reason why Mirren Mack might have enjoyed playing Merwyn. After all, the character was decked out in some of the most beautiful costumes we've ever seen. The gowns were actually special pieces from Iris Van Herpen's haute couture collection and were probably a true joy to wear.

All four episodes of The Witcher: Blood Origin are now streaming on Netflix.

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