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Minnie Driver Weighs in on Seanchai's Return in The Witcher: Blood Origin Season 2

There is little doubt that Minnie Driver played an intriguing role in The Witcher: Blood Origin and although she only appeared sporadically in the four episodes, Seanchai had a truly important role in the prequel series. So is there any chance that we'll get to see the mysterious character again in the second season? Driver has addressed the possibility of reprising the role in the Witcher universe.

In The Witcher: Blood Origin Episode 1, it was revealed that Seanchai had taken Jaskier so he could sing life back into a story. As the self-described storyteller, the shape-shifting Elven sorceress tells the bard about how seven warriors came together to stop a power-hungry Druid and reveal what happened during the Conjunction of the Spheres. But by the time the story is over, Seanchai disappears, leaving a confused Jaskier.

So is there any chance we'll get to see Seanchai again? Minnie Driver told Gamesradar that she is eager to revisit her mysterious new character.

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"I really hope so," Driver said. "She's a beautiful character and it's very, very smart to have a character that you can bring in and out, and who can cross through times and continents and worlds. I love that she's also a shapeshifter so you can always bring her back into any different form."

Although there is a huge chance that Seanchai could reappear in the main series, people shouldn't get their hopes up for The Witcher: Blood Origin Season 2. After all, the prequel was meant to be a limited series and despite teasing a continuation of the story, it's highly unlikely that the "one-off" drama will be renewed.

For now, there haven't been any updates on The Witcher: Blood Origin Season 2. In the meantime, all four episodes of the spin-off series are now streaming on Netflix.

There is a possibility that Minnie Driver could reappear as Seanchai in the future seasons of the main series. The Witcher Season 3 is already expected to premiere on Netflix in Summer 2023.

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