The Witcher: Blood Origin Star Michelle Yeoh Agreed to Play Scian on ONE Crucial Condition

There is little doubt that Michelle Yeoh is the biggest name in The Witcher: Blood Origin. However, the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star didn't make the casting easy. Showrunner Declan de Barra has revealed that Yeoh had one condition when it came to the portrayal of her character Scian.

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Michelle Yeoh played Scian, the last member of the nomadic Ghost Tribe. The character is decidedly reserved compared to her companions and although she was originally meant to be a potty mouth, Yeoh didn't want to play her that way.

"She had one stipulation, which was that she didn’t swear – she didn’t think this character of Scian would swear because she did in the original pilot," de Barra told Gamesradar. I went, 'you know what, you’re right because Scian comes from a very different tribe, and she’s very aloof compared to everybody else, so she wouldn’t swear. She’d look at you very disapprovingly and cut you with a glance.'"

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It certainly sounds like Michelle Yeoh made the right call on this one. In Blood Origin, Scian is portrayed as a calm and collected figure who doesn't break a sweat in the face of danger. When she does lose her cool, she retaliates by cursing the Empress for going back on her word. Overall, Scian was the one character that her companions could always rely on to have their back.

The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place 1,200 years before the events in the main series and follows seven warriors as they set out to take back Xin'trea from the Empress Merwyn. Along the way, they end up creating the first Witcher and witness the Conjunction of the Spheres.

All four episodes of The Witcher: Blood Origin are now streaming on Netflix.

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