The Walking Dead: Will Daryl Dixon Appear in the Comics? Robert Kirkman's Answer

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Ever since he appeared in the first season, Daryl Dixon has been a fan favorite in The Walking Dead. He's been around long enough that fans would actually care if he died and is expected to be the main focus now that Andrew Lincoln is leaving, meaning that Rick will probably die. With all this in mind, fans have been hoping to see Daryl appear in the comics.

Unfortunately, series creator Robert Kirkman says that Daryl will never appear in the comics. It's a surprisingly sad answer but Kirkman does have his reasons.


Speaking at Comic-Con (via CBR) Kirkman says that he wants every iteration of The Walking Dead to feel unique somehow. This way, fans aren't witnessing the same story every time they check them out. It's a bit admirable, even though all these iterations of the story will always have zombies.

Daryl may never appear in the comics but since the show is seemingly going to kill Rick, it looks like these two iterations are going to feel completely different from each other. Admittedly, fans stopped comparing them both a long time ago but it is still worth mentioning.

The Walking Dead season nine starts showing in AMC this October.

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