The Walking Dead Teaser Gives Us First Look at The Whisperers’ Alpha

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Anyone who reads the Walking Dead comic saw this coming. After the bought with Negan and the Saviors comes the arrival of another dangerous group—The Whisperers. AMC has released a new teaser which gives us a look at the Whisperer's leader, Alpha.

Just in case you want a background on the Whisperer's, they're actually live people who have found a way to survive the apocalypse by dressing up as the dead and walking among them. They do this by taking corpses and fashioning suits out of them that look (and smell) like they were walkers themselves. This way they can walk among the dead without being attacked or eaten. The reason they're called Whisperers is because they only communicate through whispering with each other; otherwise, talking in the regular volume would alert walkers of their presence.

Though the group may seem a bit ragtag on the surface, they actually have a very terrifying advantage in the sense that they know how to make the dead work for them. They can amass literally thousands of the dead and unleash them onto anyone they deem an enemy. What's more, the Whisperers like to keep to themselves and are against bringing back the society that Rick and the others were striving to build.

With the show having huge differences from the comic, I don't know how they plan to adapt the Whisperers to the screen. I do have to say Alpha looks amazing in the teaser, and I can't wait to see what Samantha Morton has in store for the character.

Catch The Walking Dead 9 when it returns Feb. 10, 2019.

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