The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Continues Campaigning to be MCU's Ghost Rider

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When you mention the name Norman Reedus, people usually think Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. But could this change in the future? Reedus continues to campaign for the role of Ghost Rider in a possible Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

Reedus is currently promoting the final season of The Walking Dead and he spoke to about his future after the AMC show. Not surprisingly, the Boondock Saints actor stated that it would be "so fun" to portray the MCU's version of Johnny Blaze.

"The Ghost Rider conversation has been coming up for years, and yeah, tell them to put me in it," Reedus said. "I want to play Ghost Rider."

It was also mentioned that being a part of the MCU could actually lead to a reunion with former The Walking Dead co-star Jon Bernthal, who played Frank Castle in the now-cancelled The Punisher. Reedus was understandably excited about the idea, saying it would be "so fun."

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"That would be great. So, I don't know, call somebody, make that happen. I want to do it," he said.

Johnny Blaze was originally played by Nicolas Cage in two Ghost Rider movies. Robbie Reyes, a new incarnation of the character, was later introduced in the comics and was portrayed by Gabriel Luna in Agents of SHIELD.


For now, it is unclear whether Ghost Rider will appear in the MCU but it is believed he will turn up in the rumored Midnight Sons project. Interestingly, this project could also feature The Punisher.

The Walking Dead Season 11 will premiere on AMC on August 22, 2021.

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