The Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Why He Stopped Reading The Comics

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan might have played one of the most significant villains in AMC's live-action adaptation of The Walking Dead, but the DC Extended Universe star admits that he's decided to stop reading the comics ever since he finished going through Negan's introduction many, many issues ago.

The Watchmen star was recently asked by a fan on Twitter whether or not he reads The Walking Dead comics, and there Morgan admitted that he decided to stop reading the comics right after he got to the introduction of his own character.

"I stopped reading after introduction. Wanted to form my own reactions," Morgan answered on Twitter. "And also not fall in love with comic storylines and then not follow."


Still, while Morgan doesn't read The Walking Dead comics anymore, the AMC star says that he owns all of the issues of the series because his son continues to read the comics. According to the actor, he might come back to read the entire series once his character dies or once the show ends.

"I own them all. Gus reads," he reflected. "I will look at particular scenes if we film...but I'm saving them for when Negan is no more. Or show ends...ha!"

For those who haven't been following AMC's The Walking Dead, Morgan plays Negan, a highly-anticipated character who made his debut in "Last Day on Earth," the finale of the series' sixth season on the network.

While Negan was imprisoned for a time during season nine, the antagonist managed to escape during the midseason finale and now everyone's excited to see where Negan heads off to next.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET on AMC.

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